October 31, 2018

Our batteries have a lifespan of about 7 years if used effectively and the panel 20 years. The number of years vary from one person to another as people tend to use and look after their batteries and panels differently. We at Zuwa Energy, would love to see our clients enjoy their products for a long time and we are therefore recommending the following DOs and DONTs to ensure that your solar home system lasts long. Here are some of the basic things you need to do:

1. You must clean your solar panels with a slightly wet cloth every two to three weeks to make sure that the panel does not accumulate dust and dirt which in turn leads to slow charging of your battery.

2. Charge your battery for at least one solar day (5 hours) and unplug it once fully charged, ready to use. It is recommended to discharge your battery to at-least 10% before recharging it. This conserves the battery to last more charge cycles.

3. Our battery is meant to power direct current (DC) appliances only. DO NOT try to plug the home system to any alternate current (AC) load or try to use the battery for any other use except for its intended use. 

4. Use the home system package as it is, DO NOT try to open or switch any of the products with products that did not come with it.
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