Mobilisation session

All of our products are certified by Lighting Africa and come integrated with Pay-As-You-Go Technology. All our solar household systems come with a two year manufacturer's warranty on the Panel and Energy Hub. Our range varies with respect to the power of the panels, the capacity of the Energy Hub and the included accessories. All our energy hub batteries feature a charging indicator, a water-proof design and temperature protection to ensure that all your appliances are safe.

In response to significant demand for electricity, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Southern Africa Energy Program (SAEP), a Power Africa initiative, is working with the Government of Malawi and the private sector in restructuring the nation’s power market to enable the use of untapped energy capacity. In addition, the program is supporting the government, the regulator, and utilities in Malawi to create an enabling environment for public and private sector investment in the power industry.

Considering the fact that off-grid electricity access is a key focus of Malawi’s newly approved National Energy Policy (2018), stand alone solar home systems (SHS) were identified as one of the most flexible, easy to deploy off-grid electrification solutions. USAID launched the Malawi SHS Kick-Starter Program to accelerate the rate of new connections through SHS by working closely with private sector SHS companies to enable them to optimize and scale up their operations and reach.