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Our innovative ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ financing model allows you to get instant access to products from day one, while building ownership over time through flexible micro-payments.


Light up your home and conveniently charge your phone with a modern solar home system at only MWK8,500/MONTH.

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Light up your home with 6 bulbs and conveniently charge your phone with a modern solar home system at only MWK9,200/MONTH

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Enjoy the latest TV news and entertainment, bright lights, and phone charging from the comfort of your home at only MWK24,000/MONTH

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Sure Chill Solar Fridge – the coolest way to chill SureChill solar fridge provides continuous cooling even when the sun goes down at just MWK24,000/MONTH

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Whether you are camping, taking a trip with your family, a backyard party on the weekend or finding
yourself in an unexpected power outage, you'll want to make sure you have an alternative power source
to keep you safe. That’s where the Zuwa Smart Home comes in. Get the Zuwa Smart Solar Home at just MWK1,000,000

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