The torch is expensive, solar is cheaper. Stop wasting your money!

November 21, 2018

A 2016 study of sources of lighting in off-grid rural Malawi showed that a whopping 63% of the people use battery run torches for lighting at night followed by candles at 14% (BIF, 2016). Let’s do some quick Maths. A typical torch runs on 3 dry cells. The dry cells last for an average of 1 week before they can be replaced. A single dry cell costs about MWK300 ($0.40) and a total of MWK900 ($1.2) to power the torch for 1 week. After 6 months, the torch has to be replaced because that’s how long it can last. In a year, a household using battery torches spends $62.4 on lighting and in 8 years, $499. This excludes other expenses incurred to charge their mobile phones as well as to buy additional batteries for their small radio.

Source: Business Innovation Facility Malawi, 2016
Source: Business Innovation Facility Malawi, 2016

Take a customer using our Zuwa Energy solar home system for example, within the same 8 years, they will spend $237 on lighting. In addition to lighting, for the same amount, Zuwa’s customers can charge their phones for unlimited times and they can listen to the radio (a free solar radio always comes with our solar packages). 8 years is the time our battery will last maintenance free. Therefore, a Zuwa customer saves $262 by switching to solar. Most importantly, Zuwa customers only pay for the solar system for the first 18 to 21 months only, after that, its free energy from the sun. If you consider the fact that the minimum wage in Malawi is just $40 per month, $262 is almost a lifetime savings. 

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