October 24, 2018

First and foremost, buying from Zuwa saves you time and money. Other players will sell you a panel then tell you to go buy an inverter from somewhere else, then you start hunting for a battery and then you have to look for bulbs and finally get a technician to connect all these together for you. Pheeww that’s a lot of work and money!

Buying from Zuwa is everything under one roof. We sell packages to meet your energy needs and your pocket too. We have taken the liberty to do all the work for you so you can just walk in and walk out with everything you need to power your house with solar. Our products use direct current (DC) therefore no need for inverters. Our batteries are already designed to work at maximum with the allocated solar panel. And the best of it all, its plug and play – you can install on your own. 

Our pay as you go (prepaid) plans are the best you will find in Malawi. You can pay for up to 20 months and after that – its free energy forever and ever. To make sure that we win the trust of our customers, we offer you up to 2 years’ warranty – while our competitors offer you up to 6 months’ warranty only. It’s no wonder we lead the market and they follow.


Zuwa Energy is a 100% local Malawian company we therefore understand Malawians pain points better than any of our competitors!
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