Its more hours and more money for Lindiwe.

Lindiwe Karim is a business woman living in Lilongwe. She runs a restaurant and a tuck-shop near the NRC compass of the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, targeting the many off campus students who live around the area.

Previously, Karim says, the business was not going well because she had no electricity at her make shift restaurant and as such she would either close early or spend money on torches and lamps.  Until one day when she saw a post on Zuwa Facebook page about solar home systems.

She got interested and loved the Kwacha 6 Solar Home System and decided it was the best product. With 6 bulbs, she knew she would be able to light up both the restaurant and the tuck-shop.

“I am now able to operate my business till late, which has increased my revenue and has helped me to improve on my customer service; and I did all that with one Zuwa solar system. The pay as you go offer is incredible, allowing me to pay in instalments using the same money I am making from the business so I did not have to divest money from my business. It’s a win-win. Thank you Zuwa!”

Lindiwe Karim