Our Company Overview

ZUWA is a leading solar asset consumer financing company in Malawi. Our mission is to empower people to live better and businesses to succeed by providing affordable access to solar power. We achieve this by providing consumer financing for high-quality solar household systems and other life changing technologies in Malawi using mobile technology and innovative payment plans.


Our Culture

All staff must be honest and accountable to each other, our clients, and stakeholders. Thou shall not lie or overpromise We will not mislead our customers through misrepresentation and partial truths When trust requires it, we will supply relevant information and correct misapprehensions of facts. We will supply products that are reliable and genuine. We will tell customers when a product is refurbished. We will be honest in our pricing as well as customer service

Our vision

To be the most reliable company in provision of solar energy and associated life changing technologies at all levels, everywhere.

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